Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Recommendation: Face Transformer

Ever wondered what you'd look like in 40 years? How you'd look like if you were born in another continent? Would you recognize your face if it was in an artwork by Botticelli or Mucha or in a Manga cartoon?

The Face Transformer, a program developed by the computer science department at the University of St Andrews of Scotland allows you to have all that.

You upload an image of your face, locate where the head is, locate the position of the eyes and mouth then choose a transform to see it in different scenarios (changing the age, race or gender for example).. Or even see how you'd look like if you were an ape!

These are examples of transforms I've done to two of my pictures.
The transform types on the top row: original image, baby, old, Afro-Caribbean, East-Asian.
Bottom row: West-Asian, masculine (don't I make an attractive guy? =p), Manga cartoon, a Mucha, a Botticelli.

*after recovering from laughing herself to a zillion little pieces*

As you can see they have done a great job at identifying the unique facial characteristics that are specific to each transform.

Go ahead try it on yourselves and EVERYONE you know!!
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