Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Recommendation : Every surfer's ultimate tool!

Although a little late today, here's this week's recommendation as promised!

If you're internet addicted like me and can't wait to see what's lurking behind the corner just waiting for you to discover, then you're definitely going to love this!

Stumble Upon is the ultimate tool for any surfer anywhere around the world!
It's a preference based engine. Meaning, you give it your preferences, it gives you everything possible under the sun that matches them.
With a kyoot little "stumble" button on the toolbar it adds to your browser, you could jump from page to page within the categories of your interest that other people have stumbled upon and marked as interesting.

Of course it comes with loads of other features, like stumbling through certain channels ( for example stumbling videos only, images only, blogs only, news only.. etc) or voting for sites yourself if you like them.

This is a tool I use every single day.. and it always comes up with the most interesting of things!

Try it out and lemme know how it goes! =D
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