Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nuon Lichterfest Stuttgart!! THE "Light Festival"

We weren't sure if we wanted to go at first, because the weather forecasts were telling us to expect rain.. and if it was anything like how it was raining yesterday, a park would've been the last place someone would want to be!

But then again, you know what they say. No risk, no reward.

Tifa came by, we had lunch (an applause for "Knorr fix"es btw!!), we gathered a little courage and decided to go!
And to our EXTREMELY good luck, thank god, we just got a little bit of rain.
(only when Tifa complained about how hot it was =p)

At the entrances, organizers gave away disassembled lanterns. Basically, a long wooden stick with a hook at one end, a candle and a folded paper lantern that unfolds into a sphere.

I loved them at first sight anyway, because their theme's all in PURPLE! ^^

All around were booths where you'd find loads of competitions, games, lotteries, giveaways and such crowd pleasing stuff.

My friends were literally DRAGGED into participating in a cycling one! I got a cartoon picture in my mind where the guy that pulled them into it had a "venus fly trap" plant instead of his head. They had fun though.

And Amr won, generating 128 Watts! =D

Past the area crawling with booths, was an amazing view of Killesberg Park.
Paths going uphill, downhill and pretty much in all directions, which made it kinda difficult to settle on where to head first!

To our luck yet again, we weren't confused for long because we found people gathering around the place we happened to be at.. and saw a motorcycle hidden in the TREES!

Hadn't bothered to look at the program because it's all in German, and wasn't really up to translating/guessing what each one meant.
But, having seen the motorcycle in the trees, we checked the program and realized that there was a "Sensationelle Hochseilartistik mit der Familie Traber aus Berlin, atemberaubende Mottoradshow auf dem Schragseil bis schwindelerregende Hohen" - in short, a stunt show.

We sat down at a strategical angle from where the rope is and a few minutes later, a "Jessica" was climbing the tower to the very top (and it was one friggin' tall tower!), dancing, swinging around the tower's pole and doing some gymnastic moves.

AND that was when it was raining! So unless she has a waterproof force field around her and the tower, that was one slippery stunt!!

I took pictures of flowers when my neck and jaw started hurting me from staring at the incredible Jessica.

Also in luscious purple.

Didn't take long for the sun to shine again, and what we saw next.. reminded me of the "Jackass" episodes.

Do not try this at home.

Yeah, that happened! Oo

We got up afterwards and walked through the rest of the park. More fast food, ice cream and popcorn stands and more open air cafes or "Biergarten"s. We also saw a petting zoo with goats and llamas, playgrounds for children, apple and pomegranate trees as well as families and groups sitting around with their lanterns planted in the ground around them, waiting for it to get darker so they'd light them up.

We had to stop when we saw an arena-like setting with a set up stage and the perfect music being played! You know that you've-gotta-move-with-it-or-something's-seriously-wrong-with-you type?

We stayed there jumping around and screaming our lungs out to some of our favorite and most known tracks.. and the interesting thing was, ALL age groups were enjoying it just as much! There were fathers and sons standing side by giving the \m/ hand sign to the bands, grandmas and grandpas twisting to "Wake me up before you go-go" and "Footloose", young couples, groups of friends like us, little kids and moms hopping around each other... was FANTASTIC!

This guy's job in life was to pull around that camera balloon to video all bits of the festival.. He kept swirling it around for a while and then he came to shoot US!!! He got it down, put it right to our faces and shot us giving out the "WOOOHOOOOOOOO"s.. *WE LOVE YOU 107.7!!* (if only we could've said it in German lol)

It was quite weird because later, a lady working with that radio station (that sponsors this part of the festival) took a photo of me when she passed by us.. Then a little while later, she came by, winked at me and took ANOTHER one! Oo

Oh well..
A bit later, the music started taking a more pop direction and a group of 4 young people came on the stage, acting out the lyrics .. kinda.

Then the martial arts people got on! They were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
Sadly, I don't have much pics of that phase because they were moving too quickly for my camera's shutter speed, so they all look like undefined ghosts.

We were even feeling a bit Kung-Fuey ourselves.. =p

And here's a bit I managed to catch on video for the Swiss whatchamacallem dudes.. or whatever.. I'm sure of the "Swiss" bit though..
Watch! =D

Sabrina, a new friend of ours, met up with us and we started moving towards a clear area where we could sit and watch the fireworks.

People had already lit up their lanterns and the atmosphere was so fairy tale like because you could barely see the people or the surroundings anymore, but you could see little walking balls of light all around.

Sab tells me there's actually a rhyme that's sung with lighting up the lanterns. It goes something like:

Ich gehe mit meiner Laterne und meine Laterne mit mir.
Da oben leuchten die Sterne, hier unten leuchten wir.
Wie schön das klingt, wenn jeder singt. Rabimmel, Rabammel, Rabumm.

Which translates *literally* into something similar to:

I go with my lantern, and my lantern with me.
Above the stars are shining, as we're shining down here.
How beautiful it sounds, when everyone sings. Rabimmel, Rabammel, Rabumm.

Isn't that the kyootest! =D

Anyway, we walked back in the direction of the main entrance and Jessica was still on top of that tower! =S

We sat down, planted our lanterns in the ground and waited for the fireworks to commence!

And then..

there was magic......


(P.S The noble Facebook team have revised the reports made by my friends n' I.. and I can't be happier to announce that now the imposter's profile no longer exists! WOOHOO!)
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