Tuesday, July 22, 2008


In the middle of a conversation between Irish cream bear and I...

Dee: generally i am optimistic about this issue
Dee: i know i will find the right one in the right time

Me: yeap u wiiiill
Me: as long as ur not looking

Dee: hehehe thats very true
Dee: u know that usually when u r looking u cant see well , and when u r not looking u can see clearly

Me: yeah eggsactly
Me: when ur looking u make urself see and believe things the way u want them not the way they are

Dee: so if u want to "look" what u have to do is "not look" , and u will "see" what ur "looking" for

That was one of Dee's going-to-become-famous Chinese proverbs which he invented on the spot.

Cheers! xD
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