Wednesday, July 16, 2008

iSketch, do you?

This Wednesday, I'm recommending an online sketching game, iSketch. This has served as a great pastime on numerous occasions in the past, and still is entertaining to play from time to time.

It's kinda like the illegitimate child of Charades and Pictionary. Basically, you enter a room and try to guess what's being drawn.

Unless you set your status to "away", the turn may become yours (at any random time) to draw. The application gives you a word you must draw to describe and you get points if people guess it right.
You can skip the turn if the word's too difficult for you to draw, you could give a hint (but it takes up from your points) and you have a time limit to finish the drawing.

It's really easy to catch up once you're into it! My friends and I sometimes like to create a room for ourselves and play with each other, rather than with strangers.. and it's always hilarious as hell!!

I miss that..

Careful though, it got quite addictive with me at some point. Hope you enjoy!
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