Friday, July 25, 2008

Fri. Love List : It's a BE-AU-TIFUL day!

Hello inhabiters of the WORLD!

I'm in an eggstremely good mood today! The sun's shamelessly shining, it feels like summer again, I've spent 7 hours shopping at Metzingen yesterday, Baden Wurtemberg's outlet city, the music being pumped into my ears at this instant is absolutely beautiful. And when I say absolutely beautiful, I mean it's among the very few that I like to call absolutely beautiful.

Beibei's sleeping at her side of the office, Tifa's teasing me with something and making me eggstremely curious! (and that's one of the easiest things to do, really).
I'm wearing white pants and a light blue shirt which is making me feel like I'm a milk carton. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!

And here's some other stuff I'm loving:

Shopping for 7 hours!

MY NEW TOOTH STUD! (which I'll be talking about in detail later)

You really have to listen to this:
(Rob Costlow's "Meant to be". MP3 available upon request)

I haven't been biting my nails for about a month now. *applause*

Getting interviewed by the Pakistani Spectator. The questions are a lot though, and I'm taking my time answering them.

New running shoes. God, they make you feel so light and bouncy and Tigger-ish, I'll start to go for runs more often just to wear them.

Tifa and I's matching German-scribbled jogging shirts! xD

Cherry coke flavored lip balm. Yum!

Doing stuff I've been putting off.. i.e. ANTI-procrastinate.


Watching Nasti's (an ex-roommate) expressions as she says she's afraid to come by anymore because she thinks Elvira (a roommate) is going to eat her alive for some reason.


When friends I MISS SO MUCH call me up from Egypt. (soo very sweet, thank youu!)

Video conferencing with my mom and brother.

Did I mention shopping?!

Well peeps, what's giving you smiles this week?! Be generous!
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