Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thurs. Aeh Aeh! - Performing Arts

It's the general vibe today. We're speaking in a Chinese-ish accent AEEH!

We're learning a lot from that friend of ours, or more like.. office invader, Beibei.


I'm practically jumping for joooy that I could now say "hello", "thank you" and "nothing to thank for" in Chinese. Also that my country, Egypt, is called AI-ZEH!
And that to speak Chinese, you have to include a lot of "WAAAH"s and "AAAH"s and "OOHH"s and "EIIIH"s..

Like when we were reminiscing about Kung Fu Panda, playing back some of the lines and....
Mostafa: "What was it called? The what finger thing?"
Me: "Woosoo.. Wooshii.. WUXI! .. The Wuxi finger hold!"
Beibei: "The whaa?"
Me: "Wuxi"
Beibei: "Oh, like-a woosi?"
Me: "No, Wuxi with an X"
Beibei: [writing it down on the board] W-U-S-I
Mostafa & I: "WUXXXXI! with an X"
Beibei: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (like she's had a sudden vision of all the wisdom in the world appearing to her in light-speed flashes)
[holding the chalk with the intention of writing "Wuxi" in Chinese]
Beibei: [turning and staring blankly at us] "Idunno"

And.. (I just can't contain myself).. Mostafa has this picture of my "Macarona Bel-Bashamel" dish that I cooked before on the office desktop.
She sees it by accident and comes next to him and goes like "OOOOOOHHHHH WHAT IS-A THAAAAAAAAAAT!"
Mostafa: "That's .. uuuhhmm.. some type of macaroni"
Beibei: "OHHHH youu did-a iit?"
Mostafa: "No Sara cooked it"
Beibei: "OOHHH so like buy-a it already done?"
Mostafa: "No she did everything"
Beibei: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" (and was looking at me with eyes that were close to tears like I'm her daughter on my wedding day)

She's very entertaining. We love her. She has this phenomenal resemblance to anime cartoon characters.

So, for today's Art Attack, AEEEEEEHH! I've chosen to shed some licht light (the language is immensely growing on me! xS) on performance arts.

Watch this lil sweet video right here featuring "shadow puppetry".. And remember kids, a talent is a talent, no matter how *seemingly* small..

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