Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Mesa2a3a" - An Egyptian Eggplant Dish

Because I'm SO proud of myself!! ^^

I'd like to introduce you to one of my new-found alter egos, Chef Lujee! *applause, applause*

She (yeah, speaking about myself in third person) had a personal breakthrough when she moved past spaghetti, burgers and the occasional pot of rice to a full-fledged eggplant dish!


See the aftermath of it all? =D The plates SMOTHERED in sauce and an extremely supportive friend with a very satisfied tummy... not to mention that we finished it ALL! WOOHOOO!! XD

Owkay, so I'll let Chef Lujee take it from here 'cause she's giving me the look and it's kinda scaring me..

Bonne journée fgheinds!! I'm so khappy to intghoduce zis trés bon dish fogh youuu.. I am ceghtain zat you aghe going to just adoooghe it!

Let's see then.. You will need:

Obviously, eggplants. (1 big smooth one is bon fogh two people)
Minced meat. (as much as you would like actually, I will not foghce a measure)
One onion.
Tomato paste.
Half a ggheen pepper.
Maghgaghine. *that looks horrible! it's "margarine"*
Salt and Pepper.

Maintenant, you will chop ze onion and fghy it with two tabelsoons of margarine till it becomes golden in colour, zen add ze minced meat and leave it to get its water out.

Zen add ze chopped half green pepper, chopped 3 slices of gaghlic, a spoon of salt, a spoon of pepper and two or three tablespoons of tomato paste and a small cup of water.

You leave zat to boil and in ze meanwhile, you will have already cut ze eggplant in circular slices, brushed each slice on both sides with oil and left it in the oven for about 30 minutes. (change their sides in the middle) .. Zey will not be so white in colour when zey're done.

You get a... zose pans zat go in ze oven, whatevegh zey're called.. and you put a layer of eggplant slices in (2 layers max.)

Zen you spread ze minced meat mix on top of ze layers and you put zat in ze oven till the face is as red as .. a veghy red sing.. it will take fghom 15 to 20 minutes.

et voila!! you can have zat wiz bghead and I peghsonally like to squeeze half a lemon on top first..

et bon appetit! =D

*Chef Lujee rides away into the sunset*

Oh well, if you've understood any of that, do try to experiment with that! .. and tell me how it turns out!
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