Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Fridaaaay!

You know what that means right? YEAP! Time for another love list!! ~^_^~

And since the bachelor thesis presentations for most of my friends are coming up, WE’VE NEVER NEEDED LOVE LIKE WE NEED IT NOW.

“Sure, Lewj,” you say, “Lists are nice and all, but how the hell is writing about my favorite things going to help me get more excited about life?”

“Well,” I say, “Have you ever heard of the VON TRAPPS?”

If something works for a group of children in outfits made from drapes being pursued by Nazis, it can work for you. So go do one on your blog. Or list your favorite things in the comments.

If you’re just lurking and sucking up all the favoriteness without pouring it out, you may in fact EXPLODE from all the love you’re taking in.

Exploding? Not something I love. Especially in the morning.

.... Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings..theeese are a few of my favorite thiiiings (8)

Also some of my favorite things:

Rome! If you are in any way a fan of "The Gladiator", you've gotta find a way to go there some time!

Watching the Euro 2008 games at the Schlosspark.

Fireworks! (when Germany wins ^^)

Fish and chips for lunch.

Tomato seeds.. which I intend to grow.

"Campari", a really nice place to eat in Stadtmitte.

Oh, how much I love Clockhouse.. I can't explain!

The huge headphones we found at our office.

That no day over here is "boring".

Seeing-eye dogs.

Skinny jeans and ballerinas. *=p*

The extremely funny "Hausmeister" (janitor) at my dorm building.

Tifa's facial expressions whenever our new Chinese colleague, Beibei, talks to him.

A two-guy African band always playing kewl music in Konigstrasse.

Cooooome on! Share yours! You've got aaaall day...
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