Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Love List: German Edition

Heeelllooooooooo and guten Tag! This is Sara reporting to you from the land of sausages and beer and I must say what a lovely day it is todaaay.. The sun is finally out after some intense morning showers, the birds are chirping again and the pigeons continue to fly right into people's faces...

It's a lil over a week now since I've been here in Stuttgart and there's a whole lot to love people! A LOT!

I'm not loving that the "selfnet" people are available at my students' hostel ONLY on mondays "from 18:00 till 19:00" (pff looll xD) and that last monday was a vacation so I continue to be internet-less till the next one..

Not loving the difference in bathroom architecture between here and my homeland..

and not loving how heavy my laptop is which makes carrying it around all day a complete drag... It's making me a centimeter shorter per hour..

But other than thaaaaaaat, I LOOOOVE:

All the greeeen around here! It drastically changed my perspective of the colour.. it's like "ohh, so THIS is green!".. Not our "azhar park" or koko-land any other place for that matter..

Because of all the greenery, the air's so fresh it's almost lung cleansing..

That most people use public transportation (undergrounds, metros and buses) and that public transportation is more reliable and safer than driving your own car in Egypt. Let alone how clean it is..

How easy transportation and getting to absolutely anywhere is.

That people have much respect for others and for their environment. You wouldn't see someone bothering someone else, invading someone else's space or littering. To the extent that on train stations, there's a yellow square drawn on the ground in which people can smoke.. if they wanted to step out of that square, they put out their cigs in the ashtray that's in the middle of that square.. It wouldn't happen that you'd be sitting minding your own business and someone passing by or sitting beside you exhales the smoke in your face.

"The reason there is so little crime in Germany is that it's against the law." Alex Levin

The vast variety of people here. The uniqueness of each person and how everyone is free to be themselves. The girls aren't all wearing tunics and ballerinas with their hair done the same way and the guys aren't all looking like they shop at the same store. There's the Asian, the African, the European, the Mediterranean, the emos, the athletics, the serious businessy type, the goths, the drunks looll and they don't judge or intrude in anyone else's business.

People can sit in parks technically right in the middle of the street eating pizza, playing cards, reading or whatever .. and that's pretty normal.

Beggars won't come up to you cling to your legs till you give them something.. They'd sit on the side (with the dogs the government gives them and pays them to take care of) and have a hat or whatever in front of them where people passing by can leave them something.. or they're creative enough to play an instrument, wear a costume or do whatever to attract people. Also, they aren't young kids.

The independence! How I'm responsible for my own grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, budget management .. etc etc.


Konigstrasse (kingstreet) that will be invaded for shopping soon inshallah.

How nice our professor is.. introducing us to almost all the institute's staff.. taking us out.. actually gooing with us to help out with some formalities in the beginning.. bringing his children up to "our office" so we'd meet them =D hehe..

Of course.. "our office".

Tifa's company that's never boring =D loooll wa malee2a bel mawakef wal tara2ef.

... more to come at a later time because we have to run to the Euroshop.. which I also LOVE.. before they're closed..

tschuss! =D
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