Friday, May 30, 2008

Freitag Liebe Liste ^^

Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren. Es ist immer noch sehr heiß hier in Stuttgart aber wir können erwarten, einige Regenschauer durch den Tag. Berichte über ei... *changing radio frequency* .. w saba7 el7'eeeir ya masr..

Have you been spreadin' de luuurve lately? WELL YOU SHOULD! It's the time of year when most people are having their final exams and submitting bachelor thesiseses (while we're just getting started) so it's pretty essential to keep a positive outlook on things.. don't worry, be happy.. carpe diem.. smiiiiiile! Everything's just going to be a-owkay =D

When was the last time you turned up the music so loud and danced around like nobody's looking! .. should do that more often.. I'd joiiiiin you of course but, you know, busted my leg and all (A) hehe.. so I'm with y'all in spirit!

Alright now to this week's mighty list of love..

The zoo. Words can't do it justice.. just plain amazing!

When I remember to take the damn umbrella along 'cause fate always likes to play silly games with me. Whenever I don't, it rains. Every. Single. Time.

How everything over here is made easier/cheaper for students. From transportation to zoo tickets (or any other tickets) to discounts on shopping. It's the life, being a student. ^^

The complete and absolute lack of noise. I'm not quite sure if I love that one honestly, but I'm more inclined to it. That's why it's on the list. But I'm getting used to not hearing any noise so much that my ears are getting more sensitive to it.

The Euro... I'm sure my father would disagree.

The SKATES! and SKATIIIING.. and.. definitely not its injuries ='(

but YAY! for German doctors.

My "koshary" recipe. =p and the koshary itself, naturally.

Apple-cinnamon "Heat&Eat" pie.


Creative cooking. aka "3ak".

Writing your thoughts down every now and then. People don't realize that it's a treasure.

Our extremely funny professor who keeps wanting us to meet "his group".

How ma7adesh leeeeeeh da3wa be 7ad w kol wa7ed fe 7alo w ma7adesh leeh 3and 7ad 7aga! No one HAS to act/talk/dress in a certain way 'cause it's dictated by the community.

Kaufland. A German Carrefour times 10.

How many things I see remind me of friends I miss so much!

The weekends! The great thing about this place is that they people are great at separating things. Weekdays are for work and work is WORK! and on weekends are funfunfunfun.. They go out, travel, set up stages everywhere and play music.. Just completely unplug and unwind.. What's necessarily special about it is that it's a short vacation that's well earned and deserved.

Well, I should be working myself so ich muss jetzt gehen.. Good luck to everyone with a hard time coming up and keep them smiles on your faces!
Don't forget to share things you love too. It really helps sometimes.. you can take my word for it =p

Auf wiedersehen! ;D
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