Friday, March 28, 2008

Double dose friday lurve list!

Peeps, it’s been a hell of a fortnight. (Can't believe I just said fortnight)

And when I say a hell of a fortnight, I mean that you should combine all the annoying noises, places, experiences and sensations you can think of in your head… and then multiply it by two.

Highlights? The traveling has been postponed to the 22nd of April and the car breaks are in baaaad shape.

I’m going to celebrate the ending of this magical 14 day period by relaxing and consuming vast amounts of sweet items.

Mmm… sweeeet items.

(Stay tuned for next week, when I post that my body has morphed into something resembling Orca the whale.)

I think a love list is just what the doctor ordered, yes?


The weather any time of year except this dust and disease infested month. *cough*

HAIRCUTS!! yeaaaah, got one today! ^^

My ninja googling skills.

The smallest of gestures that have the biggest of meanings.

Getting in touch with people I've known in another lifetime.

The perfect pillow.

The nestle coldaire like the ones we have at uni that's now in our kitchen. INSTANT HOT WATER! Which means instant cocoa. xD

Kitten heels.



Organized people.

Mom's reaction upon reading her card on mother's day. <=D

Felooka rides on the nile at sunset.

Kids. =D

That weird plant I have that changes colour depending on the sun.

Fish sticks!!

Men who know how to argue.

The huge alarm some great friends gave me as a going away gift with our picture on the background. ^^

As always, love it up yourselves.


Don’t hold back.
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