Saturday, March 15, 2008

A belated friday list of lurve

Slightly later than when I wanted to post it, buuut that's alright..

The goal's to appreciate all those simple things that contribute to our happiness but we rarely notice they're there..

And really, I’m ready to focus on the bright side.

In the last 48 hours, I’ve laid awake in bed stressing about the traveling preparations and the whole grad project thing (AAAA!), cut a pair of jeans by mistake while randomly playing with scissors (NOOO!), burnt a pinky while making french fries (OOWW!), spilled an entire bottle of milk on the ground (EEEEK!) and watched 10 episodes of Scrubs in a row (thought I was beginning to grow roots into the bed).

It’s been a challenging time. To say the least.


Without further adieu, my list of things that made me smile, chuckle, swoon, or crush this week:

Special hot chocolate! Oh yeah, not your regular cup of goodness ;D This one's stirred with a Ripple bar.. yum!
Turquoise Post-Its
When my cell phone gives a "manamana" ring =p
The words innuendo and caboose
Silly tests and quizzes on Facebook
Cinnamon cookies
Fake yoga poses
10+ hour sleeps
Alias being pregnant!
Comic books
Dresses.. ohhh all the beautiful dresses ^^
Homemade chocolate cake
The Irish accent
Bowling with friends
Bubble wrap
When a friend comes over and we spend hours gossiping =p
So You Think You Can Dance

What are you loving/laughing at/amused by this week?

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