Monday, February 25, 2008

lawwng day.. in a good way

It was a bright and sunny morning.. (yes, I consider 12:30 pm "morning"). Crawled out of bed straight to the sweet sweet mug of cof... ergh.. cocoa, and watched the last bits of Big Momma's House 2.. where she/he does all that ninja crap, takes a bullet and saves the day.

Not long after that, the skies got furious and poured rain and roared with thunder which is something we don't see too often in Cairo. My guess is that Salma Khalil was feeling a bit hot and wanted a "little refreshing breeze". Thank youuu! =p

Well anyway, the plans were to go to the one and only mall in Cairo where you'd find 4 different branches of Starbucks.. yeap! you guessed it.. the almighty City Stars.. we'd watch a movie till 6 then grab a bite somewhere. I was supposed to pass by Yazzyy and take her there with me. But never in my life could I have imagined that I'd ever take AN HOUR AND A HALF to get from my place (or yasmine's which is supposedly a 15 minute WALK away) to Stars (normally a 10 minute drive away).

But allow me to explain.

The beautiful streets of Cairo are designed in such a way that the lowest level along the width of the street is around its middle, with the drains located at the edges. So the drains basically only collect the water that falls directly on top of them while the rest merrily unite to flood the roads in such an artistic way that would take your breath away (literally, if it was a broken sewer pipe that's causing the flood).

Well, given the enormous overhead of time we all took to get there, we found that we'd prolly miss part of the movie anyway so we decided to eat first then watch a movie from 6.

Have a bunch of 4rth year GUC electrical engineering, material science engineering, digital media engineering, biotechnology and pharmacy students somewhere and some pretty interesting things are going to fill the air. I'm not talking about depression.

We mainly talked about the traveling thing though.. to have one's bachelor or master thesis in Germany, since a few of us are off to Ulm and Stuttgart next semester inshaa'Allah. *jumps for jooooy.. WOOOO!* XD
I'll keep that for another post. =p

So, after we all treated our tummies to some of the finest junk the food court has to offer, chopstick fights and the famous pepsi can balancing trick of Rusty's,

we headed to the movie theatres' floor where we'd spend over an hour trying to decide if we should watch Game Plan, Jumpers or Enchanted only to come to the conclusion that we should split into two groups. I was on the jumper team.

Great movie! A handsome guy (and Totti was saying he was a "kid".. psh! =p), who TELEPORTS! Who wouldn't want thaaat. I don't want to burn it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.. but he jumps to so many interesting places you just can't help wishing you had that ability yourself.

I then treated my taste buds to a deeee-lish strawberry smoothie before we left. Yummy yummy good for my tummy! ^^

Useless piece of information for the day: if you keep yourself from eating the whole day then have one big meal, that would be disastrous for your metabolism and won't actually help in losing weight or anything like many people might think. That would be because the body would go into "starvation mode" and would actually hold onto the calories and turn them to fat.
To increase one's metabolism, eat small portions all through the day, drink loadsa water and excerciiiiiise! (yeah there's no escape).

Just thought you should know.

Adios amigos.
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