Friday, February 29, 2008

Byebye birdie

Visum papers.. paper where they ask if we've hijacked a plane anytime in the past.. passport.. a coupla pics.. et voila!

I've been eggstremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to go to Germany for my bachelor thesis next semester inshaa'Allah.
Professor Reichardt (prolly the german version of Richard) has accepted me and a good friend of mine, chifaa, to work on a project he's proposing... "An Advancement of a Facial Expression Recognition System Based Upon Video Streams".

The duration of this project is five months from the 1st of April to the 1st of September and I'mmm absolutely excited and completely terrified all at once!
Excited about the traveling and terrified of the bachelor project in general.. The fruit of the past four years' work.. and my tendency to procrastinate is what's so worrying.

But overall it's a pretty thrilling phase that's coming up in our lives!
And Germany...! *squeals* They said we might even catch us some of the snowing action! xD Well, hopefully..

I've been to the land of beer and sausages before. That was last summer, for a month in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf.. and that was the longest time I had ever spent alone that far away from home.

To think that that period of time will be multiplied by five, plus a graduation project.. *shivers* .. but on the bright side:
This is a good chance for irreplaceable experience
.. and taking responsibility and INDEPENDENCE
Having the project done in Germany is most definitely an added value to us
I have some really good friends going with me
Will prolly provide good cooking training xP
Would hopefully open doors we didn't know existed for future work or research
Being exposed to a different culture and all the various types of people for that long is a very interesting thought
Switzerland HAS JOINED THE SCHENGEN!!! *daydreams about bathing in chocolate*

A lot of bummers accompany it as well:
I'll totally miss everyone here.. my family and friends and kiki of course, can't leave her out =p
I'll totally miss the food!
I'll totally miss my room =/
Could forget about getting any of the summer heat.. Not that I'm a fan of heat, but I'm not a fan of a year-long winter weather either.
I think I might miss driving.. No, I'm not crazy.

Oh well, I just hope everything goes smoothly and well for all of us without any major disasters (apart from my cooking).. and que sera sera!
W Rabena yekoon fel 3oon..
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