Wednesday, December 6, 2006

muBlinder.. bypass WGA check =D

" ( Microsoft Update Blinder ) is an application that bypasses Microsoft Update's Genuine Windows Validation and allows you to view, choose and install all available updates in addition to downloading programs off of the Microsoft Download Center. Incase you have installed the Genuine Windows Notification update muBlinder allows you to get rid of those nagging popups.

In addition, muBlinder can help you install applications that contain WGA protection with the use of external blinders (plugin patches). You can even create your blinders for others to use!

muBlinder does not need to be installed and can be placed on a floppy disk or flash memory stick. Just unzip to a folder of your choice and run it. For removal, simply delete the muBlinder.exe file and the associated DLL. "

Download Version3.2 :

NOTE that u might get an application error or a .Net Framework initialization error and will have to download the Microsoft .NET 2 Framework from here
Also, if you need Windows Installer 3.0 you can get it from

Also check out the muBlinder tutorial


muBlinder is intended for use by those who already own a Windows OS license but might be experiencing difficulty getting updates due to corrupt DLLs or other problems. It is not intended to be used on or to help in any sort of way in the use of pirated or otherwise unauthorized versions of any Windows OS. By using this software you declare that you legally own a license to use the Windows OS on which the software will run on.


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