Friday, December 8, 2006

the last of the midterms..

Was actually on the 7th of Dec., but I came back home very tired and slept right away.. introduction to media.. *sigh* , prolly would've had better chances on a paleontology exam..
the thing with these last-day exams is that you just don't have that much motivation anymore and you just want to get it over with.. mental energy's all drained out with only one thought on your mind.. sleeeeeep! (or maybe that's just my mind loll) .. but of course according to the sacred tradition of.. well, almost everybody.. we have to go out the day we're done with the exams... so my friends and i decided to go catch a movie then have lunch and hang out for a while, which is what we did.. but i'm not rambling about some teens' (and a few who have crossed over =p) day out.. i had my first car accident that day , although a really small one.. was kinda historic for me..
i was dressed and ready to go.. was going to pass by a friend and head to City Stars (the mall) ..
so, on the way over there we stop at this crossroad, waiting for the the cars to pass on from infront of us.. when suddenly a cab driver that was on my right decides he wants to join the flow and he makes a sharp turn to the left, breaking a partition of my right headlight... the cabby was navigating his lil' tuna can excuse for a car like he was in a friggin bumper car ralley.. then when he realized he had broken my headlight, he stepped out of his tuna can.. apparently expecting me to do the same.. when a man came filling the empty space on my right, shouting out "howwa elly 7omaaaar howwa elly 7omaaaar!!" (literally translates to "he's the donkey") .. n i was thinking... no sh!t, sherlock!! .. then i just waved the can driver off and went along in my way..
stopped to check how bad the damage was .. wasn't that bad actually, cud probably be fixed for peanuts.. but the whole thing was so stoooopid it's crazy! kept thinking what would my parents say, if i'd be in trouble or not.. seeing that it's my first and all .. hehe
anyways, i parked in the Stars garage and my friend n i went up to join the others for the movie.. we saw "The Departed".. pretty funny movie loll.. i think unconventional would be the word.. i was really liking it all the way.. probably taking it too seriously .. and it was so attention grabbing! ..till the bit in the end where they all killed each other to the very last one .. (especially that scene in front of the elevator.. was laughing my brains out!) .. still a great movie though.. although i think the ending could've been made a lot better.. or maybe the special thing about it was that it was NOTHING like you'd expect.. kinda feels like the writer was just sitting there trying to come up with this grande finale, but being pressured by a deadline or maybe just because he was getting bored or something, he just writes "They all die."... i'd recommend the movie anyway =D..
After that, we went to grab a bite at Sbarro's .. ze best Italian Restaurat zere iiis! hehe .. tried an invention called Strombolli for the first time.. which was prettyyy delicious! *licks lips*.. then we hung out at C&G for a while before we headed home..
When i got back, i told mom about what happened to her car and she was like it's owkayy, it happens.. don't worry about it.. soo YAY! =D looll .. was expecting to be thrown by the great balls of fire or something.. but, aall is good.. *takes deep breath*
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