Saturday, December 2, 2006

eep! X(

my laptop, aka Humpty Dumpty from now on, had a great fall... fell off the bed n wouldn't work anymore.. some loading DLLs error crap while starting windows Oo .. a friend of mine (tankya loads motaro!! =D ) fixed it n reinstalled windows but he had no choice but to format the stoopid thing ><
sooo all my stuff's gone.. i admit there was an inconceivable amount of junk on that thing but there were also quite a few files which i would call valuable.. conclusion: not partitioning your drive-mistake! .. not partitioning your drive nor making backups-stoopid mistake! >=(
i'll prolly be able to get most of the files back, eventually .. i know that, but i still can't help feeling disoriented with the folders as empty as my coffee mug .. hm.. and as i'll be getting a refill momentarillyyy =D , hopefully i'll be refilling my dear ol' drive too..

quite funny, actually.. that feeling of losing something you once had.. even if you weren't giving that something much attention before, you were comfortable knowing that it's there.. that you will be able to access it once you need it, whenever you like.. n suddenly you don't have that option anymore.. it's true, you never miss the water till it's gone..
thank youu Karma, lesson well learnt! - always have a backup plan loll

anywhoooo, i'm supposed to be studying networking for tomorrow's midterm and the candy levels are below critical..
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